Letter from Joseph Puia on the financial needs of Grace and Love Children’s Home:

I want to tell you this, in Myanmar the children have necessary to go to extra school or tuition. Most parents put their children to extra school. This is for the special well –education expands for the kids.  The 1 grade to 5 grades cost per month $ 10 to 15; 6 grade to 8 grade cost per month $ 20 to 30; 9 grade to 10 grade cost  $ 25 to 35; 11 grade cost 50 $ per month. I want to inform you because of most foreigners do not understand this. I totally hope that you would understand now.

1. Housing or rental home. Grace and Love Children’s Home is rental a house for orphanages care. We have to pay the cost for rental home every year. The rental home cost per month $ 208.3 and for 12 months or one year cost $ 2500. Next year may be or more  rental home cost per month $ 300 x 12 = 3600.
Construction or buying land for Grace & Love Orphanage Shelter buildings, a decent house/building, where the children can find love, acquire hope, feel secure, enjoy lives, and where they can understand the chief ends of their lives. In Myanmar we often find it difficult to rent space or house because landlords often face pressure or persecution from anti-Christian extremists.We welcome Memorial Funds for Memorial Building for those who are interested to donate funds for building project.
2.    Health: Nutritious/tasty meals, purified water, vitamins, medical check-up, immunization, hygiene and other medical needs. Please help the kids in case emergency funds and flexible funds be ready for kids.
3.    Personal items: Clothing, toiletries, bedding, toys etc.
4.    Education: School fee, books, school supplies and uniforms.
5.    Fun : Extracurricular activities, games, sightseeing or excursion, and sports
6.    Child protection right (includes child rights and protections).  Yes this is child protection and child development.
To cope with the challenge of increasing numbers of orphans and disadvantaged children in deed of care and support, the Grace & Love Care would need prayer to increase its coverage to reach, care, and raise up more children.

We are praying for people who can stand with us financially at least until the child reaches adulthood (and may be beyond).

To apply a government recognized Care services to render more care services to the people around Myanmar.

Pray for an abundant blessing of health, protection, time, energy, and resources to do all He has put in our hearts to do before He comes. And pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to reach this nation for Jesus Christ and challenge believers to faithfulness and reaching their maximum potential in Him.

•    $30 will buy a 50kg bag of rice
•    $50 will support an orphan for one month
•    $80 will buy a bicycle
•    $100 will re-stock an orphanage medical kit
•    $100 – $250 (depending on age) will pay school fees for one year
•    $400, $800, $1200 will support an entire orphanage for one month with 10, 20, 30 children respectively
•    $5 will buy toothbrush and tooth paste, an umbrella, or back pack
•    $15 will buy a child shoes for a year
•    $20 will buy a child 3 sets of school uniforms for a year
•    $50 will buy recreational sporting goods for an orphanage (soccer ball, jump ropes, etc)
•    $ 100 will pay one staff for one month. There are three staff at Grace and Love Home at presently.
•    $ 210, $ 300, $ 500 (10, 20, 30 children respectively) will rental home per month for Grace and Love Home and apartment for church building.

Projects context needs:
Myanmar was once the second-wealthiest country in Southeast Asia but today is one of the least developed countries in the world. While its neighbors have seen huge economic growth and investment, Myanmar lags severely behind. Spending on basic public services, such as education and healthcare, is extremely low; in 2011 only 1.1%…

Please do not hesitate to ask my any question! As much as I can I would try my best to answer you any question. We, all Myanmar and international partners develop together for releasing the poverty of children in the name of Jesus.

By His Grace & Love Ministry,
Joseph and Grace Puia
Grace & Love Ministries

November 25-26, 2015